Patience is a Virtue…..and a S.O.B.

It’s Friday morning and I do not have a brewery.

I have a few things I need to get done today that don’t necessarily affect me getting Fountainhead up and running, but are very much beer-related. I’m currently working through a couple recipes for my next beers: Warrior IPA and a Sour Saison w/Cherries (possibly additional fruits).

Also, I’m planning on casking Bullion (Belgian Pale Ale) and Cabane à Sucre (Maple Porter) for the KC Nanobrewery Festival. This is there 3rd annual event and my first time going. I’m really excited and nervous at the same time to share my beer with others. I find this to be a great opportunity to get Fountainhead’s name out there before I officially launch. Plus, I’ll get meet other beer geeks and aficionados.

Update regarding acquiring a facility: ……there’s not much to update. I’m working with family to get the building but my calls and emails have gone unanswered for a couple of weeks. I also found out that another local business (unrelated to the beer industry) has begun bidding on the same location that I found. At this point, I’m beginning to get frustrated and consider other potential opportunities to get established. Starting a business is not easy by any means which is something I’ve come to appreciate.

Lastly, my friend Kyle (@freshbrew) has been working on the label for the Cabane à Sucre. This guy has been instrumental in Fountainhead’s visuals, marketing and design. Once completed, I’ll be sure to post it. Let us know what you think. Check out Kyle’s business website here  ( or look for the link in my blogroll.