No Money, Mo’ Problems



So a couple weeks back I went to the bank feeling good about life and the prospect of business. I had my business plan in hand, my financials and the numerous application forms for a SBA loan. In short, I didn’t get the business loan. Of course I didn’t. I’m young, have no commercial brewing experience (not yet…stay tuned), and have this 400-lbs Monkey on my back called DEBT (student loans, credit card, mortgage, car, etc…).

The experience hasn’t been a total lost only because I’ve learned so much about business and gained many contacts and friends. The bank VP gave me some honest and clear advice on what I need to do in order to be able to be considered for a SBA loan. As a result, my planning and development time has been extended. For how long? I really can’t say. My mentor said this is the time to truly reevaluate whether this, brewing, is a true passion or pastime. It has really made me think about this seriously. Can I honestly made Fountainhead a reality or am I just dreaming?

At any rate, the day after the bank meeting was the 2012 KC Nanobrew Festival. I brought with me Bullion (Belgian Pale Ale) and Cabane à Sucre (Maple Porter). Neither two won in the voting but I did receive many compliments and well wishes. It was a fantastic event and one of the better beer festivals I’ve ever been to. Check out more of the pictures I snapped. Cheers!

2012  KC Nanobrew Fest Pictures