No Money, Mo’ Problems



So a couple weeks back I went to the bank feeling good about life and the prospect of business. I had my business plan in hand, my financials and the numerous application forms for a SBA loan. In short, I didn’t get the business loan. Of course I didn’t. I’m young, have no commercial brewing experience (not yet…stay tuned), and have this 400-lbs Monkey on my back called DEBT (student loans, credit card, mortgage, car, etc…).

The experience hasn’t been a total lost only because I’ve learned so much about business and gained many contacts and friends. The bank VP gave me some honest and clear advice on what I need to do in order to be able to be considered for a SBA loan. As a result, my planning and development time has been extended. For how long? I really can’t say. My mentor said this is the time to truly reevaluate whether this, brewing, is a true passion or pastime. It has really made me think about this seriously. Can I honestly made Fountainhead a reality or am I just dreaming?

At any rate, the day after the bank meeting was the 2012 KC Nanobrew Festival. I brought with me Bullion (Belgian Pale Ale) and Cabane à Sucre (Maple Porter). Neither two won in the voting but I did receive many compliments and well wishes. It was a fantastic event and one of the better beer festivals I’ve ever been to. Check out more of the pictures I snapped. Cheers!

2012  KC Nanobrew Fest Pictures

Patience is a Virtue…..and a S.O.B.

It’s Friday morning and I do not have a brewery.

I have a few things I need to get done today that don’t necessarily affect me getting Fountainhead up and running, but are very much beer-related. I’m currently working through a couple recipes for my next beers: Warrior IPA and a Sour Saison w/Cherries (possibly additional fruits).

Also, I’m planning on casking Bullion (Belgian Pale Ale) and Cabane à Sucre (Maple Porter) for the KC Nanobrewery Festival. This is there 3rd annual event and my first time going. I’m really excited and nervous at the same time to share my beer with others. I find this to be a great opportunity to get Fountainhead’s name out there before I officially launch. Plus, I’ll get meet other beer geeks and aficionados.

Update regarding acquiring a facility: ……there’s not much to update. I’m working with family to get the building but my calls and emails have gone unanswered for a couple of weeks. I also found out that another local business (unrelated to the beer industry) has begun bidding on the same location that I found. At this point, I’m beginning to get frustrated and consider other potential opportunities to get established. Starting a business is not easy by any means which is something I’ve come to appreciate.

Lastly, my friend Kyle (@freshbrew) has been working on the label for the Cabane à Sucre. This guy has been instrumental in Fountainhead’s visuals, marketing and design. Once completed, I’ll be sure to post it. Let us know what you think. Check out Kyle’s business website here  ( or look for the link in my blogroll.


Status Update — 4/26

Not much to update today. Until I have a physical location, things cannot progress forward. I’m still working out details with the building offer but it’s progressing. However, I’ve have continue to fill out what I can and progress with marketing activities. I sent an email this evening to the guy that has been doing my design work thus far. I feel like this will turn out well.

Lastly, there are a couple summer beer events that I’m either planning or planning to attend. We’ll see how things turn out.  Cheers!

Beer Cellar Envy

I came across this video this afternoon and the things running through my mind are:

  1. Can I come and visit?
  2. Boss….that’s a lot of BEER
  3. …and a lot of money to spend on BEER
  4. …that you cannot possibly drink by yourself!
This is a seriously awesome collection of unusual, rare, and frankly, hard to find beers. This guy has beer from all over the country. Sadly, my beer cellar pales in comparison, but this is cool look at. Cheers!

Beer Cellar – YouTube.

Status Update – 4/24

Building: Today, not much progress has been made on the property. I’ve been working with my Dad’s company to help purchase the property in the best way e.g. having appropriate contract, legal, inspections, etc. At the same time, my real estate agent is going through some very tough times with his family and has affected his mood.

Licensing: On the other hand, I’ve been pushing forward with getting all my paper work done. I’ve been working on getting what I can filled out, filled out. Many things cannot officially be submitted till the site had been selected/purchased so I can only do so much.

Branding:  In case you haven’t seen it yet, below is my label for Bullion (Belgian Pale Ale). I’m happy with it and plan on using this same format for all my year round beers. I have another person working on special edition/release beer labels but things haven’t been consistent.

Stay tuned. Cheers!